Featured Artist – Jesus Perez


Senior, Jesus Perez, holding his reflection project.

Senior, Jesus Perez, is our next featured PHS student artist, he has been seriously creating art for 5 years and is currently in Art 3 with Mrs. Seitz. Jesus likes to save and take pictures of his art. Recently, he’s been working on realism and anatomy. Jesus’s interest in art started because he wanted to be able to draw Marvel characters and comics. In the future, he wants to work with a variety of mediums like sculpting and painting because he primarily works with graphite. Comparing his personal and school artwork, he explained, “for school, I make it the best I can while at home I work on different methods and techniques.” His favorite piece of art is The Pieta by Michaelangelo and he loves all the engineering and anatomy pieces by Leonardo Da Vinci. Jesus’s inspiration comes from other artists’ work and techniques. Finally, Jesus states, “I wasn’t born with the natural gift of art, so I’ve been working day and night for it.”