Top 10 Most Eaten Dishes on Thanksgiving

  1. Turkey- Whether smoked, roasted, or deep-fried, turkey is the classic entree for most people. 
  2. Mashed Potatoes- Cheesy, buttery, or creamy, this side dish is commonly seen at a Thanksgiving dinner. 
  3. Stuffing- This side dish is a bit controversial; some love it, and others despise it. 
  4. Rolls– They are delicate, fluffy, warm, and a must-have at peoples’ dinners. They are often dipped in mashed potatoes and gravy. 
  5. Ham- This sweet and savory dish is mostly always seen at people’s Thanksgiving. 
  6. Macaroni and cheese- Creamy and cheesy, many people cook this dish for their Thanksgiving dinner. 
  7. Potato salad- Consists of potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, a creamy dressing, and a classic dish served on Thanksgiving. 
  8. Cornbread- This delicate side dish may be seen on the side of a Thanksgiving dinner. 
  9. Sweet potatoes- Sweet and starchy-like, are a must for some people’s dinners.
  10. Green bean casserole- Some love it, and others hate it; this dish isn’t very ubiquitous at Thanksgiving dinners.