Teacher Feature of the Week: Ms. Gonzalez


Bobby Marshall, Staff Reporter

This week we introduce you to Ms. Gonzalez as our teacher feature of the week. Ms. Gonzalez has been teaching for more than 20 years and is a part of The Health and Science Academy (PAHS) here on campus; she also helps run the PAHS parent club, HOSA, and is an advisor for the health academy.

Initially from the Central Valley, Ms. Gonzalez worked as a substitute teacher for 22 years while balancing out her job as a nurse, soon becoming a full-time teacher. While getting ready for college, she set her eyes upon UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles); not long after, she went to College of the Sequoias for nursing and is currently attending CSU (California State University). She enjoys cooking, watching “Stranger Things” with her husband, visiting her family, and reading. A quote from Ms. Gonzalez is, “I think that high school is a special place where teachers get to help young people decide how they want to live their lives and who they want to be; it’s a tremendous gift to work with high school students.” She can be found in room H-102 if you ever need to see her.