National Recycling Day


Today is National Recycling Day. November 15th was declared a national holiday in 1997. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would be considered trash and turning them into new products. The concept of recycling goes way back to ancient times. Although no country in particular invented recycling, there is evidence that shows Japan recycling in 1031. In 1984 the country Sweden one of few, established its very first recycling system for glass bottles. 

A major issue the world is facing today is global warming. All the gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere are a significant factor in global warming. Not only are humans being affected, but animals are also being affected. Animals’ homes are being destroyed because of all the raw materials extracted, such as wood, gasoline, oil, etc. Our waste and litter have made it into our oceans. Thousands of innocent animals have died and are dying because of OUR trash. If everyone did their part and contributed to recycling, none of these problems would exist. Recycling cuts down on the number of raw materials used by us, preserving the environment and animal homes. Pollution would also decrease, and our environment would be able to thrive. 

It is never too late to start recycling and do your part to protect our environment. You can start today by simply gathering recyclable items such as cans, paper, plastic, etc., and taking them to your local recycling center. If you would like to contribute more, you can join or donate to recycling organizations. You could also join events that help out clean up your community and promote and practice recycling. All in all, recycling is crucial and essential to preserving our world.

Many of the teachers here on campus have recycling containers in their classrooms, and so does the Library Media Center.