Time “Falls” Back This Weekend


Daylight Savings Time occurs every year in the spring and in the fall and it’s about that time of year. This Sunday, November 7th, our time will “fall” back and give an extra hour of rest. Daylight Savings occurs every spring and fall to allow people to have more sunlight to work with. The term “Daylight Savings” is just that, saving the daylight. The main purpose is to use more natural light and conserve the fuel that’s used for artificial light. Officially, the time will “fall” back at 2 a.m, Sunday morning.

BTW, not all states practice Daylight Savings Time, such as Arizona and Hawaii. California voted to end the observation of Daylight Savings Time, but a Federal Statute is required for that to be enacted, so for the time being we all get an extra hour of sleep this weekend.