Varsity Football Beats Monache

PHS Keeps the Rock!


The team lines up for the second-half kick off. Photo Courtesy of the El Granito Yearbook Staff

Karen Hidalgo, Staff Reporter

Friday, October 29th, the Varsity Football team played against our cross-town rival Monache; with the Marauders playing as the home team. The team has been eager to play, building up their excitement for this specific game. At the beginning of the game, things were intense as Monache scored the first touchdown; fortunately, that didn’t discourage our boys. In fact, it woke the team up and they upped their game for the rest of the night. Senior, Kayden Boosalis made an amazing throw to senior Jacob Espinoza, Espinoza made it halfway across the field until he was brought down. Shortly after, Junior, Jaret Garcia was able to make touchdowns during the second and third quarters putting Porterville in the lead. Sophomore, Kicker, Samuel Alcantar successfully made two field goals right after both touchdowns were made.

As the final seconds of the game counted down the Hype Squad pressed against the fence, ready to storm the field. After a few mishaps, misunderstandings, and penalties cancelling each other out the game ended, with Monache posting 12 points and Porterville posting 14. After the game officially ended the football field became a celebration zone with students, players, and parents celebrating despite the lights being turned off. Porterville will keep “The Rock” which is already on display in the Administration Office since PHS was the previous winner of The Granite Bowl.

The team will be moving onto playoffs this Friday, playing the Highland Scotsmen in Bakersfield at 7:00 pm.

*This week Karen in the Quad will be creating a Good Luck Video for the Team- If you would like to participate in the video you can send us a message or comment below.