What Are You Listening to PHS?

Rosali Flores, Editor

Karen Hidalgo, senior, listens to “Got 2 Be U,” by Troubled Kidd and J.ME.
Miguel Magana, senior, listens to “Adorn” by Miguel.
Bella Garcia, senior, listens to “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” by Rupert Holmes.
Paulina Hernandez, junior, listens to “El Pocho 43,” by Edicion Especial.
Andres Rodriguez, freshman, listens to “Don’t Start Now,” by Dua Lipa.
Hayley Day, senior, listens to “Creep” by Radiohead.

Here’s a link to our Spotify playlist to find songs quickly. Songs will be added weekly to look back on and relisten to.