Pumpkin Head Trend


Karen Hidalgo, Staff Reporter

With Halloween right around the corner you might have noticed some recent trends going around. The trend I’m talking about in particular is “The Pumpkin Head Photoshoot”. This is currently trending on social media app TikTok and photos are being uploaded to Instagram as well.  The whole concept of this is to go out whether its just the grocery store or the pumpkin patch pick out your perfect pumpkin, Make sure the pumpkin isn’t too small (you don’t want to get stuck lol). Once you have your perfect pumpkin you’re going to want to make sure to take out all the gross icky nasty stuff out. Now you get to carving, feel free to get creative with it. The expressions you can create are endless so make it your own. When it comes to making the hole where you’ll be placing your head in make sure to cut at least double the diameter of your neck. Letting the pumpkin dry prior to the photoshoot is optional but it will save you from getting the slimy junk all over you. Lastly, pick out the outfit that fits your aesthetic and get on the road to pick your perfect location! Some popular locations that are being used are Gas stations, Diners, Arcades etc. Have fun and be safe, Happy Halloween!!