A New Face on Campus- Meet Mrs. Laguna


Bobby Marshall

Our newest faculty member, Mrs. Laguna

Last week you may have noticed a new teacher on campus, or even had a new math teacher. Her name is Mrs. Laguna, and she is taking over Mrs. Rice’s classes, as she transferred to Butterfield Charter.

“My name is Claudia Laguna or Mrs. Laguna, and I’m originally from Lindsey. I teach math (2P). I got my degree at National University for chemistry, but I then got my bachelor’s in math. I’ve taught second grade at Strathmore Elementary School; I’ve subbed at Farmersville; this is my official first classroom. I like to go hiking at Sequoia National Park; I plan on going to the Grand Canyon, and sometimes like to go to the movies; I’m definitely a homebody. I like tacos, and this might sound weird, but I love Pepsi. I’m excited to meet the students and how I can help them be successful, even students that seem like they might not have a chance.”