Injuries Plague the Panthers

Karen Hidalgo, Staff Reporter

Friday, October 15th, Football team played against the Tulare Union Tribe at the Jacob Rankin Stadium. The entire game was intense with Tulare Union scoring and maintaining lead on the score board for the entire game. Senior running back Marcos Loya scored the only touchdown in the first quarter of the game said “There are two plays I wish I could have gone up instead of helping with coverage. I feel like this team has so much potential and we can definitely get better. I got injured on one play; I hurt my tailbone but I feel much better now.”
The second touchdown was made by senior, Jaden Montecinos on a long touchdown pass from Senior Quarterback Kaden Boosalis.
Another player, senior Isaiah Ellis who was finally returning after being injured in the first game of the season, was also got injured during the game and had to be assisted off the field. Ellis has a spiral fracture of the tibia and is sidelined for the remainder of the season.
The final score was Porterville 14, Tulare Union 50. The team takes on Delano, at Rankin Stadium, Thursday, October 21st at 7:30.