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February 27th: National Strawberry Day

Strawberry ice cream, strawberries covered in chocolate, strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice flavored ice cream and strawberry lemonade. One of the best flavors to exist, but what is the history behind strawberries and how do you celebrate National Strawberry Day? 


The first ever mention of strawberries dated back to 1000AD, there was a sketch of the fruit which was printed in 1484. But truthfully, the actual first mention of it happened in 234-149 BC. People used the fruit for healing and medicine, they didn’t really think of it as anything of it because they were told that it was unfit to eat. This made people not want to associate with it and cause its popularity to decrease. Decades later, people began selling the fruit in markets around 1831 in London. In England, strawberries became way more known and the popularity increased beyond. Counting back to the old English language, the word strawberry came from the saying “Straw of Berries,” which came from children in London who would collect the berries and put them on pieces of straw, then people who worked in markets would sell them to be made into a plant or eaten.

Soon then, many explorers began bringing them to their homelands and introducing the fruits to the people around them, eventually having people from all around acknowledge the fruit more.

So how do you celebrate the given national day for strawberries? Its simple, here are a few ways according to the National Day Calendar 🍓

Berry Picking 

Visiting your local berry picking farms around you could be a start. (Homegrown Organic Farms, Porterville)

‣ Make a Strawberry Dessert with Friends or Family. 

Baking things like strawberry tart, strawberry sorbet, or even making a strawberry salad. There are so many ways to make a treat with strawberries.

Additionally, strawberries are grown in every corner of the earth and can be deliciously enjoyed in various ways!



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