December 15, 2022


Christmas is the time of year to get together with your family and cherish the moments spent together, reflecting back on the crazy year it has been. It isn’t all about getting gifts and opening presents, but more about the quality time spent with one another because family is one of the most important things you can have. What would Christmas be without giving and receiving gifts? Sure, traditionally,  gifts are a way to show appreciation and love to someone, but do people like to give or receive more? Receiving a gift that I’ve always wanted does feel good, and I’m more than grateful for everything I receive, but I like to be the person who gives out the gifts. I think it is better to give than to receive gifts for Christmas because giving can be contagious, and before you know it, more and more people are spreading holiday cheer by blessing people with gifts. Not many people are as fortunate as others to receive gifts on Christmas morning, so I like to bless the people around me and even people I don’t know with something to make their holiday special. You never know what kind of battles people face, especially around the holidays, so gifting something as little as a box of cookies can go a long way. Every year my friends and I do a “Secret Santa” where each of us draws out a name anonymously and gets a gift for whomever we draw. This tradition is something I enjoy doing because I love buying gifts for people, and it just makes me feel good inside that I get the opportunity to make someone’s day and show my gratitude to them. Giving draws us closer to others and strengthens empathy within us which helps build character. 


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