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The Orange & Green

The Orange & Green

Weekly Zodiac Sign Readings

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter May 10, 2022

Find your zodiac sign below to see where you're at this week, things you should embrace and things to avoid. Refer back to past Zodiac articles if you're having trouble figuring out your sign.

Weekly Astrology Signs

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter March 28, 2022

Below you will find pictures of each Zodiac Sign. Each picture represents its sign with energy for your mind, body, and soul.

Trans Athletes

Trans Athletes

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter March 25, 2022

Transgender athletes participating in competitive sports are becoming more normal with each day. Although some may see no problem with this, the only thing is that men and women are built with different...

Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter March 1, 2022

Every week the planets rotate and the star patterns become something new. Relating to last week's assignment, Zodiac Signs, we will be describing each sign's weekly horoscopes. Before moving forward I...

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

Jaaci Patterson and Kymberly Rojas February 25, 2022

Zodiac signs have become very popular in our time. The zodiac is a diagram used by people who follow astrology, to represent the position of the planet and the stars. It's divided into 12 sections, each...

I feel… unsupported!

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter February 23, 2022

I feel frustrated with my teachers. Not that I can't handle my classes, I just don't feel like they care to have a connection with their students. When it comes to core classes, some students don't always...

Girls Basketball Remains Undefeated and Wins EYL!

Girls’ Basketball Remains Undefeated and Wins EYL!

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter February 14, 2022

On Thursday, February 9th, the Lady Panthers played Delano in our home gym. It was a special night due to honoring our senior players: Gracie Magana, Mariah Castanon, Nseije Ortiz, Elisandra Ruiz, Bailee...

Featured Artist- Zequoia Nosavanh

Featured Artist- Zequoia Nosavanh

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter December 3, 2021

Freshmen, Zequoia Nosavanh is our most recent featured artist. Zequoia is in Art 1 with Mrs. Hernandez this year. She tells us, "Art is something I've been doing most of my life... it makes me feel more...

A Toxic Relationship...

A Toxic Relationship…

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter November 17, 2021

They had been together for 3 years, from the outside looking in I’m sure it looked perfect. Their Instagrams were filled with adventurous memories and lots of smiles but behind closed doors, it was very...

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